As advised by IPSA HQ, the deadline to finalize on-line abstract descriptions is 30 March 2012. Please note that abstracts of all papers will be included on a USB memory-stick to be distributed at the 22nd World Congress in Madrid to onsite-participants.

Also please note that an abstract-title is limited to 125 characters (including spaces) and should not include quotation marks nor a period (full-stop) at its end. There is a limit of 1,500 characters for an abstract (approximately 250 words); longer descriptions will be automatically truncated.

Any modification of your proposal should be done through your IPSA account by logging on the IPSA website at Once logged in, select Madrid 2012 on the menu-bar; click on List of your abstracts; select your abstract title and click Edit (top-left) to make changes in the title or text.

Please also note that the deadline for uploading the complete version of your paper is 1 June 2012. Guidelines for the written paper are as follows: no more than 25 pages; single-spaced on A4 or your local equivalent; and uploaded in PDF format.